Difference Between Formal Dress And Semi-formal Dress

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Formal dress (evening dress)


Also known as evening dress, evening dress. Generally the formal dress for attending formal dinner, watching drama, listening to concerts, attending large-scale ball and evening wedding after 6:00 p.m., and it is also the dress with the highest grade, the most characteristic and the most feminine charm among women's dresses.


In order to cater to the luxurious and warm atmosphere, evening dress is always made of velvet, brocade, crepe, taffeta, organza, lace and other shining, elegant, noble and gorgeous fabrics.

Colors tend to be elegant and luxurious, such as Indian red, wine red, gem green, rose violet, black, white and other colors are most commonly used. With gold and silver and rich flash colors, the luxury and noble beauty can be enhanced. With the corresponding patterns, as well as various pearls, light pieces, embroidery, inlaid gems, artificial diamonds and other decorations, it fully reflects the grace and luxury of the evening dress.


2 Semi Formal Dress

This kind of dress is the formal evening dress that guests wear in the afternoon, also known as afternoon formal dress. It can also be used in concerts, plays, tea parties and friends' gatherings. It can also participate in friends' weddings and celebrations with a little decoration. It has elegant, calm and steady style.


The traditional Japanese dress is made of opaque, non luminous wool, silk, woollen, chemical fiber and blended cotton. The coat matching with the afternoon suit is called afternoon coat. The fabric is made of thick silk or superior worsted fabric.


According to the different occasions, the daily dress can be matched in a suitable way, such as black coat for men, skirt suit with embroidery decoration and Seiko, pants suit, dress, elegant two-piece suit, etc.


Black is the most formal one in traditional Japanese dress, especially in high-level business negotiation, formal celebration and other grand occasions. Black can show solemnity, self-respect and generosity. Of course, when attending celebration activities, such as friends' birthday party and opening ceremony, the atmosphere is warm and cheerful, and the dress color should be bright and bright at this time.

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